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About Us

Our Philosophy

We are advocates for a ritual of care and the natural power of CBD. Knowing that life can wear you down and leave you yearning to be supported and nurtured. We want to help you develop your personal style and gracefully embrace the wear of life, with care.

It’s never too early–or late–to start caring.

At any age, and regardless of gender, proper skin and hair care is fundamental to maintaining the health and vitality of your body. Additionally this can have a powerful impact on your overall well being. Our innovative, head-to-toe salon and spa offerings nurture the body, mind, and spirit and offer something for all. We understand the value of your time and know that care does not need to be elaborate to have a powerful impact. Our extensive menu of services has been designed around your time and ours, to meet the needs of busy humans and provide a moment of ritual and renewal.

We proudly offer clients the opportunity to enhance their experience with our custom formulated, CBD enriched products that combine therapeutic levels of CBD with carefully considered botanical extracts, vitamins and essential oils. These lush ingredients work together to renew, refresh and rejuvenate your skin and hair to support them in their essential role as the first line of defense for your body.

For All Salon+Spa About CBD

Why CBD?

Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) CBD is a compound unique to the cannabis plant that helps maintain vital health functions and brings balance to the body. CBD oil contains large amounts of antioxidants and healthy omega -3, -6 and -9 fatty acids ideal for nurturing hair and skin as well as providing relief from minor pain and stress.

Our CBD is extracted from premium hemp plants grown with organic practices in Denver, Colorado without pesticides or GMOs. Our full-spectrum CBD oils and terpenes are sourced from Brush, Colorado. All our products are independently, third-party lab tested.

CBD for Skin

CBD offers numerous benefits for overall skin health. Our skin has the highest concentration of cannabinoid (CBD) receptors on the body and therefore can quickly absorb and maximize the benefits of CBD. The high concentration of amino acids in CBD oil reduces wrinkles and skin irritation and help repair skin damage caused by environmental toxins and UV rays.

For All Salon+Spa CBD for Skin
For All Salon+Spa CBD for Hair

CBD for Hair

Large amounts of vitamin E, fatty acids, and healthy omegas -3, -6, and -9 in CBD strengthens hair by nourishing the scalp and amino acids including collagen, elastin and tyrosine that helps maintain hair color and builds proteins essential for hair strength.

Why Aveda?

We align with the Aveda Salons and Spas mission—caring for you and caring for our world around us. Our Aveda salon and spa team is trained to anticipate your needs and expertly care for you. During your experience, you’ll enjoy Aveda Rituals that relax and transport you, such as:

  • Cup of AVEDA Comforting Tea™
  • Warm, aromatic towel
  • Elemental Nature™ aromas to enliven the senses
  • Stress-relieving scalp, neck and shoulders massage
  • Luxurious hand massage
  • Makeup finishing touch or a Pure-Fume application

Above all Aveda uses 100% post-consumer recycled material in their packaging, 100% wind-generated power in their manufacturing and has donated over $18 million dollars since 1999 to help clean and protect the environment.

Our Founders

Peggie Fort and Jamie Shira are advocates for a ritual of care and the natural power of CBD. Born of different generations, Peggie and Jamie understand the spectrum of care needed throughout life. They have combined their experiences working with some of the world’s premier luxury brands. Founding best-in-class cannabis dispensaries to curate a luxe experience enhanced by premium cannabis care. The products that showcase the restorative nature of modern wellness. For All Salon + Spa is an homage to their passion for luxury goods and experiences. The dynamic energy of cannabis and a lifestyle rooted in modern wellness is a ritual of care.




Parking Information

We recommend parking at one of two free parking garages.
On C Street and First Street or 114 Keller St.
Both are just two blocks from the salon.