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Our extensive menu of skin services has been designed around the varying needs of skin types and age as well as your time. All of our facials include a skin analysis prior to your treatment and your treatment may vary depending on the analysis. Any treatment can be further enhanced with our CBD skincare products.

Menu of Services

Botanical Resurfacing  $95  |  60 minutes

Aveda’s introduction to microdermabrasion. The clay-based bamboo extract scrub with tourmaline brightens and texturizes the skin to reduce fines lines and wrinkles and minimize pores.


Express Botanical  $75  |  45 minutes

Aveda’s naturally derived ingredients of rose and peppermint aromas replenish and rejuvenate the skin. Gentle exfoliation hydrates and invigorates dull and tired skin.


At the FOR ALL Salon + Spa our Estheticians can further enhance your skincare service with our exclusive CBD products. To experience the incredible benefits of CBD simply ask. Most treatments are complimentary. 


CBD Infused Facial  |  Complimentary

Enhance any of our facials with with our CBD facial serums. Natural Glow with 250 mg of CBD contains fifteen nutrient rich botanical extracts and oils or Natural Radiance with 1500 mg of CBD in 100% organic Argan oil. Your Esthetician can asses which serum is best for your skin type.


CBD Post Wax Treatment  |  Complimentary

After any of our wax treatments soothe and refresh your skin with our CBD Skin Repair post shave tonic. This tonic will soothe your skin immediately after your treatment and with regular use will help to minimize ingrown hairs between services.


CBD Post Peel Treatment |  Complimentary

We love the PCA line of facial peels and highly recommend a regular monthly peel regime. To help replenish and repair skin after a peel and between services we also recommend our CBD Skin Repair cream. Skin Repair contains CBD, Arnica and Vitamin K, a dynamic trio that will soothe and replenish.


CBD Topical Patch  |  $12

We hope you spend time in our Spa experiencing multiple services. To enhance your experience with deep relaxation and comfort we recommend applying our CBD Body Boost patch prior to your treatment. Our topical patch with 100 mg of CBD will further enhance your Spa experience.


Triple advanced skincare technology provides gentle skin exfoliation with a hydro-solution treatment, extracts damaged skin cells without feeling pressure, and helps with blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to brighten the skin and reduce signs of aging. Suitable for all skin types including acne prone and sensitive skin. Upon request our esthetician will enhance any facial with our CBD serums for intensely moisturized and revitalized skin.


Face  $130  |  30 minutes


Back Partial  $195  |  45 minutes


Back Full  $259  |  60 minutes


Décolleté  $140  |  35 minutes


Neck  $90  |  20 minutes


Hands  $55  |  15 minutes
Oxy Trio Facial  $110  |  45 minutes

The Pro-B-vitamin-rich treatment paired with an oxygen-boosting application delivers oxygen into the skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles and the impact of aging and environmental changes. Great for acne prone skin and appropriate for use between peel treatments. An ideal service for special events, treatments will ensure plump, radiant skin for several days.


Detoxifying Peel  $100  | 45 minutes

Ideal for acne prone and combination skin, the detoxifying pore treatment clears pores, smooths skin, and reduce sebum production gently and effectively. Glycolic, lactic and citrus acids will help attack impurities while leaving the skin hydrated.


Sensi Brightening + Texturizing Peel  $100  |  45 minutes

This unique peel is formulated for all skin types including highly sensitive skin and acne prone skin. Helps brighten, improves the texture and tone of the skin to fight signs of aging.


Pure Retinol Peel  $190  |  45 minutes

The perfect peel for anti-aging and brightening. Contains four percent Retinol to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and smooths the texture of the skin.

Eye Treatment  $25
Lip Treatment  $15
Masque  $45
Masque type will be targeted to your specific needs by the esthetician.
Microcurrent Facial  $40
Skin tightening treatment
Peel  $55
Arms full  $55  |  30 minutes
Arms half  $35  |  15 minutes
Back full  $70  |  45 minutes
Back lower  $35  |  15 minutes
Back upper  $35  |  15 minutes
Bikini  $45  |  30 minutes
Brazilian  $60  |  30 minutes
Chest  $45  |  30 minutes
Chin  $20  |  15 minutes
Eyebrows  $25  |  15 minutes
Face sides  $20  |  15 minutes
Face full  $45  |  30 minutes
Leg full  $80  |  45 minutes
Leg lower  $35  |  30 minutes
Leg upper  $45  |  30 minutes
Lip  $15  |  15 minutes
Neck  $20  |  15 minutes
Nostril  $20  |  15 minutes
Stomach  $35  |  30 minutes
Underarm  $25  |  15 minutes
Norvell Spray Tans  $60  | 30 minutes

Norvell tanning solutions are non-comedogenic, 100% vegan, paraben free, cruelty free, and sulfate free.

Packages Pricing

Botanical Resurfacing
Single Treatment $95  |  Series of 3 $257  |  Series of 6 $456


Express Botanical
Single Treatment $75  |  Series of 3 $203  |  Series of 6 $360
Single Treatment $130  |  Series of 3 $351  |  Series of 6 $624


Back Partial
Single Treatment $195  |  Series of 3 $527  |  Series of 6 $936


Back Full
Single Treatment $259  |  Series of 3 $699  |  Series of 6 $1243


Single Treatment $140  |  Series of 3 $378  |  Series of 6 $672


Single Treatment $90  |  Series of 3 $243  |  Series of 6 $432


Single Treatment $55  |  Series of 3 $149  |  Series of 6 $264
Oxy Trio Facial
Single Treatment $110  |  Series of 3 $297  |  Series of 6 $528


Detoxifying Peel
Single Treatment $100  |  Series of 3 $270  |  Series of 6 $480


Sensi Brightening + Texturizing Peel
Single Treatment $100  |  Series of 3 $270  |  Series of 6 $480


Pure Retinol Peel
Single Treatment $190  |  Series of 3 $513  |  Series of 6 $912
Norvell Spray Tans
Single Treatment $60  |  Series of 3 $162  |  Series of 6 $288




Parking Information

We recommend parking at one of two free parking garages.
On C Street and First Street or 114 Keller St.
Both are just two blocks from the salon.