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The Importance of Care

Why should you care?

We believe wellbeing matters! Life can wear us down and leave us yearning to be supported and nurtured so we gracefully combat aging and the wear of life, with care.

At any age and regardless of gender, proper skin and hair care is fundamental to maintaining the health and vitality of our body. Daily care rejuvenates and replenishes moisture and nutrients lost throughout the day, and as we age. Our skin and hair protects us from the harsh elements of our environment. As these elements rapidly change and increase, it is imperative that we best support our skin and hair in doing their job.

How should you care?

We invite you to join us in downtown Petaluma to develop your personal style while supporting your skin and hair in their essential role as the first line of defense. Our head-to-toe salon and spa experiences offer something for all; from our premium CBD enriched products to innovative skin and hair services that include Hot Head extensions, hydro facials, chemical peels and spray tans.

We understand the value of your time and know that care does not need to be elaborate to have a powerful impact. Our extensive menu of services has been designed around your time and ours, to meet the needs of busy humans and provide a moment of ritual and renewal. Book an appointment with us for all your skin and hair care needs. 

Not in the area? You can still try our products! Our mosaic of lush offerings combine therapeutic levels of CBD with carefully considered botanical extracts, vitamins and essential oils that work together in service of the whole and have been designed to remain on the skin and hair to allow for maximum absorption, impact and care providing rejuvenation, restoration, and relief from everyday life.


Take care. xx



Parking Information

We recommend parking at one of two free parking garages.
On C Street and First Street or 114 Keller St.
Both are just two blocks from the salon.